Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

China Market Has Already Knockoff iPhone 5 [PICTURES]

Well, Well, We all know very well that China is also known as developing copies of original things with low quality software OS’s, in the past we have seen they were offering China local manufacturers developed fake iPhone 4, which looks similar to the original iPhone 4, but in real the device was faked. As we also know Apple is on the corner with launch of its next generation iPhone 5, and we are getting rumor news day by day about the device, today local manufacturers in China comes up with a knockoff version of unreleased iPhone 5. The report comes to us from the folks of Chinese blog, GizChina, who reports that the knockoff version of iPhone 5, can be easily found in the black market of China for price around $108 USD. Check out the knockoff version of iPhone 5 below:

The design of the knockoff version of iPhone 5 is similar to the recent design leaks of the device and cases, which we can easily found in China everywhere, the pictured “iPhone” above comes in at just 7mm thick, running a JAVA based OS, sporting MP3 and MP4 playback, Wi-Fi compatibility.

So what, they have missed? What you think about the cheaper Chinese version of iPhone 5? Sorry an unreleased device.