Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

China Set To Launch Its First 3D TV Channel In Few Weeks

Since the new display technology, so far is not completely able to occupy the world, somewhere in the world, there are few giants and people are living who is experimenting with the most advanced display technology at their workstation. 3D displays are not much familiar in the world, only found in those houses who have a great interest in the display technologies or those who love to watch and play games on the high-definition display.

It is reported that China is already working on the first 3D TV channel, and almost ready to kick out the first channel in the world in the upcoming few weeks. As the stats say, there are around half a billion TV users are present in China who are able to see the first 3D TV channel right on their home with 3D displays.

According to the report, the first 3D TV channel is already under the trail base checking, and will be live to the Chinese public in next few weeks. The first 3D channel launch is planned for the Chinese New Year, and it will broadcasted under the China Central TV. The new channel will be locally operated by the authorities, and it will daily broadcast 3D Channel  4.5 hours a day for free-to-air, which means anyone can watch it with a set-top box without having a legal subscription to the service. As noted by the tech giants, you may need to have a 3D display which supports the fuzzy red and green content, to watch it.