Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

China Blocks The Google+ With Great Firewall System

It’s just a day ago, when Google announces its Social Networking site “Google+”, even only to limited people not to public, and now we are hearing from the report of Guardian, which claims that China the country of “Great Firewall” just blocked the Google’s newly launched web service “Google+” in their country. Some users also reported they are blocked to access on any location within, which also includes the URL of Google+ “”

Well, its not a first time that China blocks any website, especially social networking site. The blocking of social networking sites is doing under the orders of Chinese Government, which uses the great firewall system on their internet to block huge number of websites outsides the Chinese borders on the basis that they contain “destabilizing” content, like as pornography or unsuitable content to view for user. China had already blocked the Facebook and Twitter in their country.