Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Cheaper iPhone To Launch Soon, Apple To Settle Patent Disputes

From the very first day of this year, rumors were circulating around the web that this year Apple has plan to launch two model of iPhone, one of the new iPhone device will be called iPhone 5, which carries major update to iPhone model while on other hand, second model of iPhone will be called cheaper model of iPhone, which carries minor updates to current iPhone 4 and may be dubbed as “iPhone 4S” or “iPhone Nano”, also in addition to these rumors Apple didn’t released any hardware update on their WWDC event and named it as “software dedicated event”. From the very recent rumor, we heard that company is on the corner with launch of new iPhone models, and they already sends these devices sample models to carriers for lab testing. Along with all of these news, users are also curious to know about the economical and cheaper model of iPhone, and to know more about the Apple’s cheaper model of iPhone, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky managed to reach two of the Apple’s executives. Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer, to discuss about the future cheaper model of iPhone.



Mike Abramsky does not quotes the real words of the executives but told us that they called it “ innovative, category-killer experience”. He also notes that Apple’s to release cheaper model of iPhone to compete with low cost Android smartphones, and to bring their technology to every person. He also wrote in a recent note to investor that Apple executives hints that the cheaper model of iPhone will release soon in the upcoming few days, and he also wrote that Apple is much more interested in settling number of patent lawsuits against Android phone makers such as Samsung and HTC. Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhone in the coming months for a September or October launch.