Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

“Chatter” Video Service Coming In Windows 8

We have seen this new word “Chatter”, it is said to be the video service same like “FaceTime”for Apple. This revealtion took place again by the great leaker My Digital Life, yes a dude posted on My Digital Life on which he leaked a string from Windows 8 named ConsentUX.dll, below is the string

100,Do you want to allow %1 to use your %2 ?

1601,Do you want to you allow Chatter to use your video ?
1603,Always Allow

He also unveiled the icon for this new service named as “Chatter” but it also makes us think the deal between Skype and Microsoft, yes it could be the service using Skype’s UI and one more thing a guy months before posted on the same forum about the Windows 8 Webcam App Demoed On Metro UI.

So remember guys, now there are no more words said on it as it is just only a revelation, check out the logo same like a movie roll