Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Charge your iPhone With Wind: iFan

Not everyone can afford the latest iPhones with improved lithium-polymer battery that lets you work longer, play longer. We charge our iPhones all day and whenever we can to avoid the drainage of the battery. A genius mind came up with a concept of iFan.

The person who created this concept is the promise land. Designer Tjeerd Veenhoven, who has has crafted a partly nifty, partly hilarious new wind-powered iPhone charger / case, appropriately dubbed iFan.

iFan is a piece of hardware / case made from molded soft rubber with a fan on top that recharges your iPhone via wind power. Wrap it around your iPhone and run like the wind.

So why not to use this efficient product and charge your iPhones when you are out on beach, walking or running.

There’s even a bicycle attachment also. People riding on a cycle can also charge their iPhones.

What we think it is just a concept yet. But the maker of this iFan has reported that it is working for him.

“Your Smartphone relies on high tech battery power and power management which you charge almost every day in your outlet in just half an hour. By using a modified computer fan it took me 6 hours to charge my phone, rather long I think… but it works.”

So let’s hope this concept comes true and we can soon have our hands on this cool gadget.