Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Cequint Inc. of Seattle Sued Apple Over Caller-ID Patents

Apple is defending to protect its sales of iPhone world wide gets sued by another company over the Caller-ID-Technology. The company which sued Apple is a U.S based company contending its products infringe two patents of Caller-ID-Technology by Apple.

According to the report by Bloomberg states that Seattle-based Cequint Inc. is seeking unspecified damages related to claims Apple products infringe on caller ID related patents. The company also wants the court in Wilmington, Delaware, where the lawsuit was filed to issue a notice to Apple to stop using the technology in dispute.

“Cequint has been damaged by Apple’s infringement” and “will be irreparably harmed” unless stopped by a judge, Cequint’s lawyers said in the complaint.

So far there is no more news regarding the lawsuit. Now 9to5mac notes that the company has got some close ties with the major U.S carrier companies and as well as with Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone vendors.

This news seems to very strange and it looks like the company wants to take some sort of battle from Apple. Since the launch of the first iPhone, we are seeing caller-id Technology in it. It has been more than 3 years while seeing Caller-ID-technology in use. Over here a question arises that where was this Cequint Inc, three years back when Apple demoed this Caller-ID-Technology on their iPhone.