Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing Updated, Hands-On

Apple is advancing to iOS 5 now and still now compatibility for Bluetooth found in the Latest Betas till now. This is the main thing which iDevice users need to have in order to transfer things from their iDevice to any other Device including Mobile and Computer. This is a basic thing provided by every mobile other than Apple. Apple do have Bluetooth functionality, but it is limited to Head Set only.

When every one was hope less from Apple about the Bluetooth and lost their hopes that Apple can’t do any thing about this Bluetooth thing because Apple is more scared than it’s users to do these things because it thinks that it will open a gateway to Hackers.

Apple must be correct at the point but they should have made it some other way which they failed to. Now like always Cydia hammered iDevices with it’s third party Apps of which Apple is against. Cydia is the only hope left for the people using iDevices. So Cydia once again made their life much easier with some talented Developers who worked out to make this Bluetooth dream a reality. If we go on to Bluetooth thing, so we know that the first tweak ever released in Cydia was Celeste by Cocoanuts team. At the beginning it was a hit and worked well but not that much well as it was expected too.

So after a long time of hard work today the team made an update to their Tweak Celeste which now more stable and works more better with no issues almost. The updated version is 1.1-1.

Below are some pictures of the Hands on Celeste Bluetooth Tweak.

What’s new in this update is that it now officially supports iOS 4.3 and above. It is working fine on iOS 4.3.3. The update was the major update for this Tweak because it got many new features like BT Stack now officially supports iOS and other Devices.

As told you that Celeste got a major update and it got Gremlin support also. Gremiin automatically transfers your Music and video to instead of using iFile and also adds fill iTunes synchronization comparability.

Below is some proof of sending and receiving files via PC and iPad 2.

With the fix of now the music transfer is much easier than the last Celeste. Below are the pictures of incoming file

After using the update of Celeste we would recommend you that you should purchase this officially like we did. The Tweak costs $9.99 with Gremlin free of cost, which is available in Cydia for $1.99.

Obviously to avail this awesome Tweak you need to be Jailbroken on your iDevice. you can follow the respected guide of Jailbreak from here. If you have purchased this Tweak and you are using it, so do let us know about your reviews for this Tweak.