Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Celeste Will Let You Send and Receive Files via Bluetooth on iPod,iPhone,and iPad

It has been along time since iPhone and other iDevices were launched and many updates were made to iDevices and now we have an iPhone4 and iPad2. The main thing which was lacking and still is lacking in Apple iOS is the Bluetooth. Today we are near iOS4.3 to be released and still no support for the Bluetooth in iDevices which is not good.

Many people want to connect to other Devices and share, send and receive files from their own cellphone or from some freinds, they cannot because Apple iOS Bluetooth doesn’t works with other Devices. Up til now no step from Apple is taken yet, but the team cocoanuts creators of Gremlin, are working on a new app that will allow us to send and receive files via Bluetooth from iPhone to any other Device. This took them many months to make this thing possible and finally they got succeeded and they have named the App “Celeste“.

Finally you can once again make your iPhone,iPod, and iPad worth it to use it and can easily share your photos,songs and much more to other devices. Till now no words are being said on the pricing and the release date. The compatibility of this App is iOS4.0+.