Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

CDevReporter Jailbreak Tweak To Send Crash Reports To Chronic DevTeam

A while ago we have reported about the new tool launch by the infamous jailbreak developer team, Chornic Dev Team. The team has launched a tool to collect the iOS crash reports from the iTunes and aims to send it to the jailbreak developers’ team private servers silently. Chornic Dev Team has launched the tool to collect the reports to get all types of crash information on the wide range to find new iOS 5 bugs to bring untethered jailbreaks on the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices.

However, a new Cydia tweak has just launched in the Cydia repo to work on the iOS devices instead of user’s machine to send data to the Chronic Dev team private servers. CDevReporter a new cydia tweak is available for the jailbroken devices, and silently sends out all the crash reports from iOS devices to the hacker servers. The CDevRepoter is useful for the jailbreak hackers in finding new iOS exploit for untether jailbreaks.

The new Cydia tool as an alternative to the original Chronic Dev Team is developed by Luke Young, the new cydia tweak is quite intelligent and works silently on the device, as well as quite genius and work in the way to protect users from the battery drainage issues on their devices. It works in the background on the device, and smartly sends the crash reports to the Chronic Dev Team private servers, whenever the new crash report generated on the device.

CDevReporter is available for all the jailbroken device in the Cydia’s famous repo; the developer has published the tweak in the BigBoss Repo for free of cost. According to recent claims by the hacker team, they have received more than 10 million crash reports in the first week of the crash reporter tool launch by the huge jailbreak supporting team, from all over the world.