Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Soon iPad To Be Your Sex Partner With These Cases

iPad has been a most attractive tablet introduced by Apple. The new slim and sleek design with some great speed made the iPad to reach number one selling tablet in the world. iPad’s are not only used by people in their homes, but they are also used by educational institutes, Pilots, and many more people at different places. No doubt that the iPads are the most attractive gadgets.

Before the release of iPad 2, we came across many cases which rumored about the iPad 2’s design. Until the iPad 2 wasn’t released, the cases were taking as a rumor. Later on those rumored cases were right about the upcoming iPad 2.

Apple made an iPad for some good use like playing games, reading books, watching movies, browsing, and reading news. The case makers putted on some cool designs to make the iPad look cooler, so people can show off their friends about the case.

When the case innovations go beyond its limits, we can say that you can do many things with that 30-pin connector beneath your iPad. You can charge your iPad; use some external adapter to transfer pictures to another device wirelessly, and much more. When the innovation is done in the wrong way, we can expect some lame less use of the most useful thing in our life. Like this, today we came across a new case for iPad which might be in manufacturing will allow you to have s*x with your iPad.

This news might sound like fun or idiotic or shocking or anything. The name of the case is Fleshlight-holding iPad case. This is not any sort of dream or idea. This is something coming really soon.

Fleshlight COO Brian Shubin says:

It’s another exciting product we have in development at the moment. We are always looking to improve our user experience and this will be a way to take it to another level. Continue watching for it.

This Fleshlight case will take your iPad to the next level allowing users to have s*x anywhere, anytime, and e.t.c.

We think that COO Brian Shubin is helping the government to reduce prostitution by making this case for iPad or he is helping to improve the economy by having the motto:

“Spend less, have more fun.”

This might seem the best use iPad so far. But for us this is the worst use of iPad so far.

This post is done to acknowledge you about the misuse of the iPads done by the companies. We at FreakGeeks would recommend that the concerned authorities should take some strong action against these types of cases because they will destroy the best use of iPads in near future.