Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Carrier IQ Detector Let You Scan Your Phone From Tracking Software

Carrier IQ has just shown the darkest side of the latest technology, and shows how someone can easily trap us with a right knowledge and access on our mobile device. If you have heard the recent gossip of the Carrier IQ’s tracking software existence in  every next smartphone, you must be worried now about your privacy and the use of your next-generation smartphones, which are tracking your every moment just because of the pre-installed Carrier IQ rootkit in the device by carriers and mobile phone vendors. Earlier, this week, a hacker has discovered a tracking software in smartphones, which tracks the physical locations, key strokes, record conversations, and much more.

The hacker also claimed and demoed a video showing the work of the software, and shows up the real dark side of the technology, and makes a new buzz in the tech world. Many of you must have been shocked after hearing about the rootkit on your device and worries to kill it on your device or to move your work on some secure place, where no one can watch you.  Since the discovery of the rootkit, I have received numerous emails, comments and calls from my readers and friends asking about how to check the existence of this nasty software in their phones. In the entire week, I digg a lot of stuff on my working place to find out a simple way to test user’s devices, but didn’t get any easy way to check the device, and then I come across to a same niche blog which covered an app from the Android market who provides the same service without performing any difficult tutorial or hacks on your device.

After reading and testing the app, I just come across to share the app with my readers and friends. The app is launched in the Android Market with the name of Carrier IQ Detector, you can simply navigate to Android Maket and can download this app on your device to run Carrier IQ detector test. Originally, the rootkit is only founded on the Android devices and works more dangerously on the Android power device. Therefore, security firms have just released an app to kill down the existence of this Carrier IQ.

You can simply run the application on your device, and kick for the test as the blog members have done on their Samsung Galaxy S II rooted and got the negative result showing that their phone is free from Carrier IQ’s watch eye.


Download Carrier IQ Detector [Android Market Link]