Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Cancel An In-Progress App Download In iOS4.3

Hey folks we just came to know about the new Feature in iOS4.3b2 which is that it allows you to cancel the in-progress App download from the App Store via iPhone,iPod,iPad.

As you see the pic below is of an iPad which in on iOS4.3b2 and i am downloading a random App. When I enter in the Wiggle mode so it also gives an option to delete the App.

Apple is making it possible, with iOS 4.3, to cancel the download of an app before its completion on both the iPhone,iPod touch and iPad. In iOS4.3 which is not yet released we can delete the App in progress.

This will be a totally new feature in iOS4.3 and it will be very helpful to those who don’t know about the size of the app and think it is smaller but it takes time for them to Download it, So they can easily delete the App in-progress.