Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Broadcast Live Podcasts Straight From Your Mobile Device With Spreaker

Every one in their life time got a wish that they could become a RJ, DJ or want to communicate with the world, want to show the world that they got some speaking talent. They are also something. To show all this and to raise their voices, they have to go through some cost. If some one wants to be an RJ (Radio Jockey), he must got some speaking talent, he must be aware of the tools used on the field and much more. If the person is compatible with all the requirements, so he have to pay off some amount and then he is in for the show.

As we are moving towards advanced technology era, we have got many smart phones which provide us with many great features. Some got good camera, some got good design, some got good keyboard, and e.t.c. After having these Smart Phones, we can communicate with friends or a group of friends which are limited. There is no way by which we can invite many people at a time at one place and chat to them all. Every social network chatting software are limited to some specific number of people you can invite at one place and it requires a PC/MAC, in order to communicate with each other.

We do communicate daily with each other but most of  the time we are communicating with each other non verbally which is on Text (SMS). Due to some advancement in Technology, we can send a few second voice SMS to other person. What if this limit is lifted and you could raise your voice on some event or  you could enjoy a live concert with your friends, whether you are with them or not, or you can talk to a lot of people at a time or share your radio show with people all around the globe?

Till now there was no perfect solution for all the problems. Today you can make all those things happen, we call it Spreaker. Spreaker is an free audio platform which allows any one to broadcast and share personal life shows with every one. They can even broadcast live on the go from any where around the globe. With Spreaker, you can even hear your own voice while Running, Driving, handing out and much more. Become a reporter or sports commentaor, or simply broadcast from your favorite live element. You can join the hundreds of thousands of people that are sharing their ideas on Spreaker every day.

The best thing about Spreaker is that you don’t have to pay for any extra thing and you don’t have to install any software on your PC/MAC. To use Spreaker, all you have to do is have to pay a small visit to their website, make an account and press live. You are done and will be one air soon. To make things more simple, Spreaker introduced their mew iOS App, which users can now use to broadcast their own podcasts, live, no matter where they are, and share them directly to all the major social networks. Plus, listeners can tune in to and follow all their favorite podcasts, straight from their iOS device.

Spreaker comes with full fun and a lot of features which you never imagined.Some of the Features are mentioned Below:

? Broadcast high quality live audio directly through your social networks with one click 
? Sign in with your Facebook and Twitter account 
? Access over 100,000 podcasts and live channels 
? User friendly interface 
? Geo-loc search: hear what people are saying near you 
? Connect with car audio systems using bluetooth 
? Play podcasts in the background on multitasking capable devices 
? Search for podcasts by keyword 
? Follow shows you like 
? and much much more…

To get all this fun there is no price as fun got no price tag. You can get fun any where, at any place you want. Like this the Developers of Spreaker has made the iOS App free for Download. People with iOS Devices can download the App for free from the iTunes Store.

To use Spreaker at first would be difficult but the Developers behind Spreaker have done all the job for you. They have made beautiful tutorials for you on how to use Spreaker for the first time.

Don’t forget to see the amazing demo of Spreaker before you use it.



Do let us know about your experience with Spreaker.