Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

Bring Voice To Your iPhone / iPad Notifications With SpeakEvent

SpeakEvent is a new tweak launched in Cydia for the iOS 5 jailbroken device users, and aims to bring voice to your device notification center, and the all other things that sends notification to your device. It can speak your notifications, and as well as the tweets, emails etc for you. It appears to be a opposite function to the Siri, and looks great to me at least, as it notifies me about the notifications with a beautiful voice. It simply brings voice to your iPhone, and your iPhone or other iOS device appears to be talking with you.


SpeakEvent is a simple tweak that comes with numerous options for you to configure its work with your device notification center. We understand this tweak might be a risky approach for someone, but believe us the tweak features some big options that turns it into a silent mode for specific notification banners on your device. SpeakEvent totally allows you to configure its voice on specific number of notifications, or with specific applications on your device that sends push notifications to your device.

SpeakEvent waits for the push notification to be delivered on your device, and then it starts it works on the device, moreover the brilliant tweak also features to be updated your self with the audible notifications about your device battery life status, and can speak in silent. SpeakEvent also features an option to automatically detect the device language, and converts itself according to the language.

SpeakEvent is appeared to be a cool tweak for your device running on iOS 5 operating system. However, the SpeakEvent does not come up with a simple purchasing and downloading steps, in order to run the tweak on your device, you have to purchase its license from the developer via Paypal, and this thing appeared to be a big pain for the users. Well the Paypal process appeared to be smooth and clean for us. SpeakEvent license is available for $2.14 USD, and the tweak can be download from the Cydia’s BigBoss Repository.