Sat. May 21st, 2022

Bring Some Facts & Figure Chatbot On Siri With This Tweak

Siri and its features are buzzing all the time around the internet on different blogs, and forums. Siri is appeared to be the hottest spot for the developers to launch something new and different for the jailbreak community. Since the AssistantExtensions is released in Cydia for the iPhone 4S user or the users have Siri on other devices. AssistantExtensions is a beautiful tweak out there to modify the Siri into your flavor with few lines of custom codes to represent different tasks and things on the Siri. AssistantExtensions is appeared to be a platform where numerous developers can come and launch different add-ons to modify the Siri quickly instead of writing a complete tweak code to modify a little thing in Siri service.

Many of you may already know about Siri and its funny humor replies sometimes to the users, but there is a new tweak launched in Cydia with ability to make it more effective spewing assistant for your device. Awesome Facts for Chatbot/Siri is a new add-on tweak out there for AssistantExtensions to bring something random fact speaking tongue to the Siri. Awesome Facts for Chatbot / Siri simply brings some more humor to the Siri to actively play with your commands, and in short she will start chatting with you in an entirely different way.

If you want to install the tweak on your device to bring such kind of humor to your personal assistant, firstly you will be required to install the AssistantExtensions on your iOS devices in order to use Awesome Facts for Chatbot / Siri, as it is a simple add-on to that tweak. Once the tweak is loaded, you can simply re-spring your device to clutter down any buggy thing from your device, and then can invoke Siri and say “let’s chat” to start the Chatbot on your device with Siri.

Awesome Facts for Chatbot/Siri is free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Do Let us know about your thoughts regarding such a nice tweak for the Siri.