Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

[Breaking News] iPhone Remote Factory Unlock is Now Available With Money Back Guarantee.

As we have promised with you guys on our Facebook page that we will bring you a discount and guarantee of money back service on remote factory unlocking of iPhone 4, So guys we contacted with a team who doing remote factory unlocking of iPhone 4, we personally visited their site (Shop) and talked with them about the guarantee and discount on Remote Factory unlocking, they agreed with us and promised us that they will give discount to all customers who contact them with our reference.

To get discount and money back guarantee, first of all you have to agree with these terms:


  • The Discount and Money Back Guarantee is only valid if you contact them with our referral. In case we fail to register your IMEI Number and you will be informed by us. If you claim that the Activation didn’t work after the process told by us. So you will need to provide a video proof.
  • Activation will take Maximum 72 Hours and Minimum 24 Hours. So be patient. Once the IMEI is received you will be notified by the E-Mail. So provide a valid E-Mail. (72 Hours only in Exceptional cases)
  • You will have to double check your IMEI. In case of wrong IMEI, NO Refunds will be made and you will lose your Money.
  • Western Union is used for Payment receiving, because where they are providing unlock Paypal service is not supported. Western union Terms and Conditions will also apply while sending the Payments.
  • Your IMEI Number will be tracked either it is Locked or Unlocked. So there is no chance of Fraud by the User and the Seller.
  • IMEI # Received on Sundays will be processed on Monday. Because Sunday is a Funday.
  • The currency conversion will be done by this website XE and according to the current rate rolling.

We only contacted the team for providing us a proof on that they will surely give money back in case of failure, so they signed an agreement with us on which they officially declared that they will give money back in case of failure. You can check out the agreement below.

Price List:

Original Price List is present here.

For Currency Conversion Read Last Rule

iPhone Orange UK 3G / 4G FACTORY UNLOCK =  (6,200PKR)  after Discount  (5,700PKR)

iPhone 3G/3GS/4G ANY NETWORK/Fido/Rogers/AT&T/3 UK UNLOCK= (13,200 PKR) After Discount  (12,200PKR).

iPhone O2 UK –  3G / 3GS FACTORY UNLOCK = (3,700PKR) After discount  (3,200PKR)

iPhone Vodafone UK 3G / 4G FACTORY UNLOCK= (5,200PKR) after discount  (4,700 PKR)

**The prices are Inclusive of Tax. The Time for Unlocking presented above is according to GMT + 5.

The Payment should be like this Via Western Union:

This Unlock was to be done through by us means you will have to send us the IMEI and the person who is doing the Unlock. If you agree the above terms and conditions you can proceed next and fill the form and get NIC# and instructions on how to transfer the payment.


Dear Sir/Madam

We are really sorry to state that the Unlock for iPhone 4 has been blocked due to some reason and we won’t be taking the payments till further Notice. It has been blocked today all over the world. We have removed the article for Further Notification.

Those who have sent their payments and received by me will be returned and those who have sent the payment and are not received by can be pulled back.


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