Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

BlueStacks To Bring 400,000 Android Apps To Windows 8

BlueStacks is a company of the small group which is famous for bring Android applications to the Windows platform in last year, and now have been reportedly planning to bring all the latest and a huge number of Android games to the Microsoft’s Windows 8. The company has announced that they are working to bring 400,000 Android apps to the Windows 8 this year anytime. The company has released its “App Player” last year in October for Windows 7 to bring Android apps and games to the Windows, and this year announces that the recent launched program is now getting the update to become compatible with Windows 8 structure.

Android Apps on Windows 8 will be run like a normal app running on the Windows 8, and the new app player will be similar to the older Windows 7 version that doesn’t require any porting of files from devices to Windows based PC machines. BlueStacks also claims in the CES note that their new app player will be work natively on ARM based devices or x86 Android apps on Windows based PC’s and tablets.


BlueStacks also announces that they are currently working with PC manufacturers to include their app player by default in the machine to bring the Android apps on the bigger scale on Windows based PC’s and tablets. BlueStacks told that they have already inked a deal with Taiwanese manufacturer InHon to include their App player in the Windows 8 based tablets. The publishers over the CES 2012 event have reported that they just got hands on the latest BlueStacks “App Player” for Windows 8 devices to test, and found out that the player is meanwhile in the alpha stages and requires a bit work before making around on public machines.

BlueStacks have also planned to launch the first beta copy of their program to the public in February, at the same time when Microsoft has planned to launch its Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows 7 PC’s and tablets.