Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Rooted. “Investigation Underway” Says RIM

After Samsung, now it is the turn for BlackBerry. Many of you must be aware with the word “Rooting”. Rooting ins simple words mean to gain access to the files which are hidden or not accessible by simple user. We can also say that Rooting is some what equivalent to Jailbreaking. Like we Jailbreak our iDevices to gain access to 3rd party Apps and Tweaks. Like this other devices, other than Apple are Rooted to gain access to 3rd party Apps and Tweak. But rooting is not safe for users.

This will be the first time we would be hearing about Rooting done in RIM’s Device. The device is not any BlackBerry Smart Phone but indeed is its new tablet which is BlackBerry PlayBook. BlackBerry PlayBook is a tablet released by RIM for handy works done daily. Now what happens when the daily work turns into hacking? The device gets PWNED.

Today a group of security researchers recently demonstrated a video showing that they have successfuly gained access to the QNX-based operating system found in the RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM’s new operating system is said to be so much secure that it is very hard to get rooted.

RIM’s new operating system, however, is a different beast. It’s more powerful and it is certainly capable, but it also looks like it’s been hacked, broken into, and manipulated by a few individuals who have demonstrated that they have access to something that no one outside of RIM has ever had access to.

This was a bad news for RIM. Well RIM, didn’t sat down or started to cry over the spilt milk, It started to investigate about the security hole found by these security researchers.

Research In Motion (RIM) is aware of a claim made on Twitter by security researchers working together that suggests the ability to ‘jailbreak’ a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet,”

And more over RIM also declared that the BlackBerry Smart Phone users are not affected and they are safe from this hack. RIM’s full statement for this event is below:

Research In Motion (RIM) is aware of a claim made on Twitter by security researchers working together that suggests the ability to “jailbreak” a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The term “jailbreaking” is commonly used to describe altering the software on a smartphone or tablet in order to obtain access to systems or applications not officially authorized or distributed by the manufacturer. BlackBerry smartphone users are not affected. RIM is currently investigating this claim and has been in contact with one of the security researchers to discuss it.

RIM is currently not aware of a jailbreak being leveraged by anyone other than the researchers, who claim to have performed a jailbreak on their own BlackBerry PlayBook tablets only. If it is determined that the claim is accurate, RIM will follow its standard response process to develop and release a software update that is designed to minimize adverse impact to our customers or carrier partners. RIM is aware that the security researchers have stated they intend to release a tool to jailbreak the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. If such a tool is released, RIM will investigate it.

The security of mobile devices and major networked systems is tested by third-party security researchers every day. RIM also continually tests the security of its own products, and volunteers its products to recognized industry experts for security testing and certification to help identify possible issues. RIM is committed to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and to working with researchers to continue to protect our customers.

Above was the statement given by RIM regarding this security hole found by “neuralic” the security researchers and below is the video in which they have shown the demonstration of BlackBerry PlayBook rooted.


In video the neuralic’s haven’t showed any thing rather turning off and one the brightness of BlackBerry PlayBook. They haven’t showed any thing like controlling apps or something like that. So far, the investigation is underway and we will let you know the results, As soon as it is out.