Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

BlackBerry Messenger Spotted On Android (Photo)

The main reason behind the success of BlackBerry Devices is not that they are super cool or they are some other device killer. BlackBerry Phones are successful due to its popular service called BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry Messenger is one the most popular in built App by RIM, which is used by many of the people around the globe and mostly by Teenagers.

The reason they use BlackBerry Messenger is that it is a free SMS Service from BlackBerry Messenger to BlackBerry Messenger. No doubt, RIM is working hard to compete with other devices. The competition might be tough for RIM that’s why he is seeing forward to import the App of BlackBerry Messenger to Android.

Shocked? Well this thing is nothing to be amazed of or any thing to be shocked of. This is something to be excited. Today techradar posted some images of the Android running BlackBerry Messenger. The images were given out by a Developer of RIM, who is working on the BlackBerry Messenger App to work on Android. He states that the App is in final stages and need some final touches.

At least after seeing the screen shots we can see that BlackBerry Messenger is running on Android and possibly we can expect this App to run on other platforms. Long ago this App was rumored to come on iOS. Unluckily we never saw this App for iOS, but for sure Apple came up with iMessages for iOS.

iMessages is also the same type of service which will be implemented into iOS for iPod/iPad/iPhone. It will some how work the same way like h pylori test the BlackBerry Messenger does. Now all we have to see is how much success will BlackBerry Messenger for Android will get.

Till then we wait for BlackBerry Messenger for Android, we will be seeing iOS 5 GM today in few hours, in which we will be seeing iMessages in final stages.