Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

BlackBerry Messenger For Android To Be Free Or On Monthly Subscription?

BlackBerry Messenger rumors first started to appear in March when we heard that it might be coming to iOS and Android. iOS’s most advanced form is just few days away from the release and we yet don’t have any thing such as BlackBerry Messenger in it. The new form is iOS 5. We won’t be seeing BlackBerry Messenger in iOS 5, but we will be seeing a new feature like BlackBerry Messenger which is iMessage.

The function of iMessage is almost the same as BlackBerry Messenger. Now we can drop out iOS from the list of BlackBerry Messenger capability. After iOS is dropped out, now we got Android. BlackBerry Messenger seems pretty legit on Android. Some spy shots were leaked showing that the BlackBerry Messenger was ported to Android by some Dev.

The previous shots were still a rumor and were unconfirmed. Any ways, The above picture of BlackBerry Messenger ported to Android is shared by technobuffalo. They say that their sources at RIM reached them with the picture. The picture once again shows BlackBerry Messenger on some Android Device. Lets believe for a moment that this is true and BlackBerry Messenger will be coming to Android. So the question to be asked is,”Will The App Be For Free?”

The sources of Technbuffalo says that:

The same source has now come back with some info on how much it’ll cost.  No, it won’t be free to use BBM on Android, but will instead cost you $3.99 a month in the U.S. and £5 in the U.K. 

The App is said to be shown off at the upcoming Dev con on October 18th.

Our anonymous source also stated that the plan is still to debut at BlackBerry DevCon starting on October 18 in San Francisco.  While it is said the app will debut there, it is not expected to be available until some time before the end of the year.

In any way if the App comes to Android so the users of the App will have to pay a monthly fess for the Service. Take this news also as granted and a rumor. It will be confirmed at this months Dev Con, whether the App will debut on Android or not.