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BerryMover Allows To Sync Your BlackBerry Data With iPhone

by Hamza Tariq - on Oct 18th 2011 - No Comments

Most of the RIM lovers are now leaving their smartphones and moving towards the Apple’s iPhone but they while on the move they face many problems while transferring their precious content from BlackBerry to iPhone, there was no solution available till now which allows to move happily from the old phones to the new iPhone’s from Apple. But now thanks to the developer of “BerryMover” a new app launched last week in the AppStore with the aim to provide a way to the BlackBerry users to sync their most important data with iPhone iOS platform.

The “BerryMover” seems to be the excellent tool for those users who wishes to completely move on the iPhone but fears from the important data lost, the most important data of the users are there Calendar Events, Text Messages and Contacts through which they stay in contact with each other and no one ever wants to lose the most important information while moving to the new phone, as there is no other way to perform the task automatically. BerryMover takes the full advantage and might be popped up into the best applications for the iPhone users soon. To sync your BlackBerry data into iPhone all you have to do is follow some of the mentioned steps, first of all take a backup of your BlackBerry phone and then transfer that file into your iPhone. Once you complete with that step, launch the BerryMover in your iPhone and extract the backup, It will automatically moves the all things to their places. BerryMover is available in the AppStore, so you can purchase it from the AppStore to transfer your all data to iPhone successfully.

BlackBerry Messenger For Android To Be Free Or On Monthly Subscription?

by Daudi - on Oct 8th 2011 - No Comments

BlackBerry Messenger rumors first started to appear in March when we heard that it might be coming to iOS and Android. iOS’s most advanced form is just few days away from the release and we yet don’t have any thing such as BlackBerry Messenger in it. The new form is iOS 5. We won’t be seeing BlackBerry Messenger in iOS 5, but we will be seeing a new feature like BlackBerry Messenger which is iMessage.

The function of iMessage is almost the same as BlackBerry Messenger. Now we can drop out iOS from the list of BlackBerry Messenger capability. After iOS is dropped out, now we got Android. BlackBerry Messenger seems pretty legit on Android. Some spy shots were leaked showing that the BlackBerry Messenger was ported to Android by some Dev.

The previous shots were still a rumor and were unconfirmed. Any ways, The above picture of BlackBerry Messenger ported to Android is shared by technobuffalo. They say that their sources at RIM reached them with the picture. The picture once again shows BlackBerry Messenger on some Android Device. Lets believe for a moment that this is true and BlackBerry Messenger will be coming to Android. So the question to be asked is,”Will The App Be For Free?”

The sources of Technbuffalo says that:

The same source has now come back with some info on how much it’ll cost.  No, it won’t be free to use BBM on Android, but will instead cost you $3.99 a month in the U.S. and £5 in the U.K. 

The App is said to be shown off at the upcoming Dev con on October 18th.

Our anonymous source also stated that the plan is still to debut at BlackBerry DevCon starting on October 18 in San Francisco.  While it is said the app will debut there, it is not expected to be available until some time before the end of the year.

In any way if the App comes to Android so the users of the App will have to pay a monthly fess for the Service. Take this news also as granted and a rumor. It will be confirmed at this months Dev Con, whether the App will debut on Android or not.

BlackBerry Messenger Spotted On Android (Photo)

by Daudi - on Oct 4th 2011 - No Comments

The main reason behind the success of BlackBerry Devices is not that they are super cool or they are some other device killer. BlackBerry Phones are successful due to its popular service called BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry Messenger is one the most popular in built App by RIM, which is used by many of the people around the globe and mostly by Teenagers.

The reason they use BlackBerry Messenger is that it is a free SMS Service from BlackBerry Messenger to BlackBerry Messenger. No doubt, RIM is working hard to compete with other devices. The competition might be tough for RIM that’s why he is seeing forward to import the App of BlackBerry Messenger to Android.

Shocked? Well this thing is nothing to be amazed of or any thing to be shocked of. This is something to be excited. Today techradar posted some images of the Android running BlackBerry Messenger. The images were given out by a Developer of RIM, who is working on the BlackBerry Messenger App to work on Android. He states that the App is in final stages and need some final touches.

At least after seeing the screen shots we can see that BlackBerry Messenger is running on Android and possibly we can expect this App to run on other platforms. Long ago this App was rumored to come on iOS. Unluckily we never saw this App for iOS, but for sure Apple came up with iMessages for iOS.

iMessages is also the same type of service which will be implemented into iOS for iPod/iPad/iPhone. It will some how work the same way like h pylori test the BlackBerry Messenger does. Now all we have to see is how much success will BlackBerry Messenger for Android will get.

Till then we wait for BlackBerry Messenger for Android, we will be seeing iOS 5 GM today in few hours, in which we will be seeing iMessages in final stages.


STC To Launch iPhone 5 Along With 4G LTE Network

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Aug 25th 2011 - No Comments

The era of 3G was not yet completed that we started to hear the rumors about 4G LTE from every where. First we heard this news from HTC Evo 4G and then the news seemed to end on Apple’s iPhone 5. But the wind seems to be changed. Some other companies might also launch 4G LTE enabled devices.

Now this 4G LTE won’t be limited to U.S.A but this service will also be released in KSA and in other countries also. We had a word on this 4G LTE launch in K.S.A with our sources and they said

“We cannot provide you with the exact time or date when this service will be launched. We are waiting for Apple to confirm us the iPhone 5 Launch date and we will release 4G service with iPhone 5 in K.S.A.”

Although on 22nd August 2011 BlackBerry 9900 was launched with the capability of 4G LTE and still 4G service was not launched. As far as we think carriers are waiting for the major release of the iPhone 5 which is said to have the 4G LTE technology enabled.

We are also waiting for the iPhone 5 anxiously and want to see what Apple will come up with this year. Lets hope for the best.

STC Is Going To Launch BlackBerry Bold 9900 Officially In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

by Daudi - on Aug 10th 2011 - 1 Comment

some more Good news for BlackBerry Lovers in Saudia Arabia. Saudi Telecommunication Company which is also known as STC has finally signed a partnership with RIM on Monday. As a part of this partnership STC announced the official launch of the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 by their carrier.

Ibrahim Al-Omar, STC’s Vice President for Retail, commented:

“The strategic partnership between STC and RIM is based on launching the level of coordination between the two companies in order to serve their common interests and fulfill customers’ need for technologies and unique services. STC’s interest in this partnership confirms its major role in launching and providing current and new smart devices to its customers, which is based on STC’s strategy that revolves around the customer. STC was the first to bring the blackberry services into the Kingdom giving it a leading market position there, and resulted in doubling the number of customers in the BlackBerry service, which prompted us to meet their expectations by providing services and products that suit various tastes.”

This is a great news for the people of KSA. Now they won’t have to go to grey markets where they had to pay off around $1000 to get one BlackBerry for their selves.

So who is going for this BlackBerry Bold 9900?

via (STC)

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Reaches The Shore OF UAE

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Aug 10th 2011 - No Comments

Its just been 2 days since the launch of both BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Torch 9910 and it has also reached in the era of Gulf. It has touched the main carrier of UAE i.e Etisalat  and is now available for pre order.

This is the first time that any device has reached so fast in Gulf. The new BlackBerry Bold will be available from AED 2,599.

The new BlackBerry device is priced at AED 2599. Customers who wish to pre-book the device and pay in cash can visit any of the Etisalat key retailers, including Aptec, Jumbo, Jacky’s Lulu, E-City, Virgin and Plug-Ins.

To pre order call 8006673 or visit here.

via (Etisalat Blog)