Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

BiteSMS 6.0 Released With New UI and iOS 5 Compatibility (Cydia Tweak)

One of the most used and handy Tweak available in Cydia for iPhone users got iOS 5 compatibility. BiteSMS is the Tweak which changed the way people used to do SMS and MMS. It allowed us to use the inbuilt messaging service in a new way. It brought every thing in front of us. It simply made our life more easier than the current iMessages system introduced in iOS 5. Still Apple haven’t introduced such features like BiteSMS. Apple could only introduced Emoji as a new feature in their update iOS 5. Emoji was available via BiteSMS from very long ago.

In early September, due to overwhelming demand for BiteSMS on iOS 5 Betas, the Developer behind BiteSMS released the first Beta of Bite SMS. After the launch of iOS 5 and complete testing of BiteSMS on iOS 5, the developers finally updated their Tweak to 6.0 with new interface, UI and some great new features. Now BiteSMS is fully compatible with iOS 5 and it can be downloaded for free, only if you have purchased the previous version of it from Cydia.

The feature would be more clear after seeing the video, done by idownloadblog’s Jeff.


The tweak is available for $8.99 in Cydia. To enjoy the new look with new iOS 5, you must be jailbroken to have some fun. Do remember that All the fun is brought to you by Cydia and in order to get Cydia, you need to Jailbroken.