Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Bill Gates: Me & Jobs Created The Original Mac Together (VIDEO)

Earlier, this month, we come across to some shocking reality of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates relationship with each other, as the Jobs said the couple of harsh words against the Founder Of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Steve said in his book that Gates is not more than a copier, and he didn’t invent anything. He always copied the work of others.

It appears last night. Bill Gates grounded by the ABC news reporter to talk about the foreign aid and his work, while answering the questions of a reporter. He was asked about the hard words of Steve Jobs against himself. He smartly turns the table, and he said that Steve Jobs, and he had a long history with each other, and that their relationship as colleagues turned competitors was complicated, but that he doesn’t fault Steve for anything he said about him.

While along with this smarty talk with the publication, he also got its self in danger by saying that he and Jobs had invented the first original Mac, and after that they turned into a serious competitor of each other. But what about the Steve claim? Is he really worked with him in developing original Mac?