Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Beware: Osama Bin Laden EXECUTION Video Rolling on Facebook is a Virus

A day before this was the breaking news that Osama Bin Laden was killed and now on the most famous social website aka Facebook got under attack with a virus which is said to be a Spyware.

The virus Appears like this:

When you will click this link you will be redirected to some other page and it will ask you to insert the code and the code wont work because it is a fake page.

It is not only arriving like this, but the people who share the news generates an auto message like this:

The death troll of Osama was a great way for Hackers to get your all Passwords saved in the Web Browser. The news of Osama Bin Laden Killing is still a very hot issue over all the social network and on news channels, but don’t get scammed by these fake links.

If have mistakenly clicked the link like i did, so below are some precautions you can take. Thanks to Billa Islamic Posters for letting me know.


1. Remove all the store passwords from your browsers, delete all cache.

2. Don’t open any Drive Until Unless it is scanned by a good Antivirus and it is declared good to go.