Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Beware: Fake iPhone 5 Website Mockups Are Rolling (Video)

Like every one we are also waiting for iPhone 5 and are as much excited as you are for the next gen iPhone. Previously we saw many leaks and some parts were revealed which were said to be of iPhone 5. Leaks will go on until the iPhone is not out.

The leaks which you sawed and we sawed were somewhat acceptable, but the leak which you will see in the video is something hilarious. It is beyond your imagination that to what extent a person can go and innovate a new leak. Before we continue any further we would like you to see the video first:


Amazed after seeing the video?

Well the amazing thing is that the video is edited and is totally fake. How?

If you see the picture below which is taken from the video shows that the iPhone is connected to WIFI and their is no SIM. Although an iPhone on Apple’s website got signal bars and 3G written on it.


If you see the above picture closely, so you will see the corners of the iPhone are allocated properly. the image is gong out out the design. This proves the video is totally fake.