Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Best Buy Begun Pulling iPad 2 From Shelves For iPad 3 Exclusive Units

According to the latest gossips, iPad 3 announcement is just around the corner to us, and all the publishers and other media personalities are suggesting the launch of iPad 3 in the first week of March by Apple in California. The iPad 3 is rumored to be getting some interesting specifications over the iPad 2, such as hardware improvement along with the addition of A6 Quad-Core processor and the long rumored big screen boss “Retina Display.”

In addition to such rumors, we are also hearing that some big retailers around the world have actually start dropping the price of iPad 2 units ahead of iPad 3 launch, and it appears to be a biggest sign for the arrival of new product in the market. Yesterday, we have reported you that Best Buy has just slashed down the iPad 2 prices by $50 per unit model, and now after such price drop report. We are hearing from the big tech blog giant that Best Buy is not ending with the discounted price iPad 2 units, instead they have also start clearing out iPad 2 units from the front shelves of the store, and start looking to get the iPad 3 units on their boards exclusively.

According to a leak document from the Engadget refers to a Best Buy document that clearly states the iPad 2 removal of front shelves of the store. We are seeing everyone in the market is moving quickly to get their hands on the iPad 3, as the iPad 3 is said to be going the impressive device of the market, as it carries some exclusive new hardware updates from the Apple.

In another leaked document report from the Chinese users suggest us today about the $70 to $80 hike in the price of iPad 3 units than iPad 2. A price hike certainly doesn’t seem like an Apple move — considering it’s kept prices consistent over the years — but could hold some truth considering the higher specs.