Fri. May 27th, 2022

Best iPhone 5 Comparison: To Be Thin As iPod Touch (PICTURES)

Since the start of July we have continuously seeing large number of iPhone 5 cases leaks from the folks of China, and lately it was also reported that those cases now openly available in the market right before the launch of device. The design of iPhone 5 was not revealed by any source, all of them only comes up with their imaginations and the words of their sources. But if we look into the leaked cases of iPhone 5, you will find a lot of difference between the current iPhone 4 devices and the upcoming iPhone 5 design model. It was already reported by several sources that iPhone 5 to be thin and wider than the iPhone 4, in order to carry the edge-to-edge theme. Few minutes ago we have reported that all of the cases suggests the similar design and in other words says iPhone 5 to be thin as an iPod Touch, yes we are saying right!

 iPhone 5 Comparison

We got couple of cases pictures from around the web, and try to compare them with the current iPhone 4 model, but didn’t notice the design width and height of the device. Well we have found couple of iPhone 5 cases comparison pictures which seems to be the best comparison pictures we have ever seen yet. Let’s take a look into the pictures:

iPhone 5 Design Comparison