Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Best Cydia Repos For iPhone 4S / iPad 2 Best Cydia Tweaks

We love jailbreaking here at FG, and most of the work trying to feed latest buzz regarding the jailbreak tools and their developer’s stuff to our readers. As most of you may know, both Chronic DevTeam and iPhone DevTeam had launched their next generation iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 devices. The new jailbreak has just landed in the market, few hours ago, and the users around the world have started their hammering on servers to get the latest news / tutorial / guides about the new Absinthe / Redsn0w CLI iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak.

Jailbreak Cydia tweaks allow different opportunities to the iOS device owners, and sometimes introduce such things that Apple may not know. In the past, we have seen a couple of tweaks had been copied by Apple to include them in iOS by default. Jailbreak just opened the biggest door on the iOS platform to port anything on any device, and therefore, mostly people jailbreak their devices on the latest iOS versions.

We believe that jailbreaking is one of the biggest aspects of iOS device’s fame in the world, and Apple also knows about it. However, at the moment the new jailbreak is out, and everyone is seeking for the interesting and best Cydia tweaks, utilities for their iPhone 4S and iPad 2. We have compiled a short list of sources, but the best one’s sources that provide you all the content for your shinny new iPhone 4S and magic device iPad 2.


Best Cydia Sources For iPhone 4S / iPad 2 Tweaks:


BigBoss Repo:

One of the most famous repository of the Cydia, which is famous for its work and dedication to the jailbreaking community, and the offers to the Cydia tweak developers. BigBoss repo is the largest repository in Cydia, with more than 10000 apps, tweaks, themes for your devices. BigBoss is also present in your device by default, as it originally comes with Cydia. BigBoss Repo also contains free and paid tweaks both for your devices.

iSpazio Repo:

Another famous repository of Cydia world, and popular for the dedication of presenting fresh content to the jailbreakers. iSapzio Repo is maintained by the famous Italian blog with the same name, and millions of live readers. iSpazio Repo contains several cydia tweaks, apps, cracks, and themes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. On iSpazio Repo, you will easily install all the latest cydia packages on your device, as the blog network notifies you on the arrival of any new tweak / app in repo. You can access the repo at this address http://ispaziorepository.com

ModMyi.Com Repo:

ModMyi Repo is another most famous repository in the Cydia, and comes up on your device with default Cydia repos. ModMyi Repo is the home of all kind apps, jailbreak tweaks, projects, themes, and sports different stuff for your device. ModMyi Repo is much similar to the BigBoss Repo in size and all the other stuff, and also provides both free and paid tweaks for your devices.

Installous Repo:

Hackulo.us Repo is not the of many cydia tweaks, and themes for your device, as it only contains fewer tweaks and utility tools for your device. Like Installous, AppSync and other tools. Hackulo.us Repo is famous due to their dedication in Cydia world, which allow jailbreakers to download all the AppStore applications for free on their devices, without any bug and security blockage. Hackulo.us is famous for those users who love to pirate apps, tweaks, and games. You can reach it at “http://cydia.hackulo.us

SiNfuL iPhone Repo:

Basically, it is a large forum present on the internet seeding all the buzzes around the world regarding iOS / iPhone systems. SiNfuL Repo appears to be a public repo that contains many cracked cydia tweaks, applications, themes for your device. Work similar to the Hackulo.us Repo, but it provides crack cydia tweaks instead of crack App Store applications. You can reach it at http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

xSellize Repo:

xSellize Repo is said to be the blacklisted repo in Cydia world, as it aims to provide all the cracked and unsecured content on the devices. xSellize is famous for providing all the paid cydia tweaks, apps, and themes for free on Cydia to normal users. Most of the developers actually hurt by this repo, as their most hard work go on sale for free without any legal purchase. xSellize is present in Cydia containing some of these famous jailbreak tweaks for free: iFile, FolderEnhancer, and iRealSMS. You can check it out these repo at this address “http://xSellize.com”