Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Best Buy Announced Cloud Based Music Services For Android, BlackBerry and iOS Devices

Wow, Apple you have a new rival here in your iCloud services, the famous retailer Best Buy has just announced its own cloud based music service, which is dubbed as “Best Buy Music Cloud”, after this release its clear that Best Buy is on war with Apple. The new service of music cloud let you to stream music to your Android, Blackberry or iOS supported handsets. Best Buy’s music cloud service is powered by Catch Media’s “Play Anywhere” platform.

The service is bit change from the Apple’s iCloud, it physically allow user to upload their music track to the service, well it is similar to the Google Music, but the different thing is here, it support multiple devices playback. Music Cloud service is available in two forms, Free and Premium, it is reported that premium service will cost you $4/month and will not include any other services, such as Apple providing the service of “iTunes Match” which costs you $24.99/year.