Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Debugging Tool Confirms iPad 3 To Carry A6 Quad Core Processor With 4G LTE

After the 19th January educational event this is the first news related to the iPad 3. Well the last report claimed which was revealed by DigiTimes that there will be two iPad’s this year one will release in the first quarter of 2012 and one will release in October. The one which should release in the first quarter will be known as the iPad 2S.  They also claimed that the iPad 3 will have the retina display. Today the BGR folks went deep and got to know about the coming iPad which will have the A6 chip for sure but we don’t know of how much but as they show up it will be having a quad core chip. It will also have the new 4G LTE modem integrated.

Well how did they dig in to it…. According to them they got to know about this by a reliable source and this is taken up from the original iPad by using iBoot. As mentioned before DigiTimes that there will be two iPads this year but BGR claims that they are right, there will be two iPads but of one (well I guess every one knows that :/) the Wifi model and the other the Wifi + 4G LTE model, common sense dude. The debug tool called iBoot mentioned two models which are iPad3,1 (J1)  and iPad3,2  (J2). More over the confirmation lead by the model number of the processor. The model numbers are mentioned below

  • A4 Single Core Chip: S5L8930X
  • A5 Dual Core Chip: S5L8940X
  • A6 Quad Core Chip: S5L8945X
The new iPad should be over whelming and heart blaster it will once again be re invented and break all the tablets, the markets and every thing… What about iPhone 5 ? Well rumors are cold now for iPhone 5 and the iPad 3’s are at the top so just be there 😛 One more thing don’t make up your mind because what if something like iPad 2S came out, the hearts will break.