Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Banks Start Ditching RIM Blackberry Devices For iPhone 4

We all know before the launch of iPhone 4, there was only RIM devices available in market and mostly used by companies to offer it to their employees for their work, but after the launch of iPhone 4 many companies thinks to pick it up and drop the Blackberry, several banks in U.S has ditch Blackberry for iPhone 4, even they’re throwing Blackberry’s into the trash just for Apple’s next generation iPhone 4.


Deutsche Bank is the one of the high profiled bank in U.S has taken a step on which they totally replaced the RIM devices with iPhone 4. Also they are the first bank who developed a system on based on iOS security and data encryption to use in their intranet, and the work of their system is also good.


It seems that other banks too will pick this system and use it in their internal system will replace all the old RIM devices with iPhone 4 or later.


via Cultofmac