Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Drops Google As Default Search and Adopts Baidu For iPhone / iPad

It is not the first time that we are hearing something like this in our daily life. In the past, Apple had taken many steps forward to kick Google and Samsung out of its iOS devices range, and tries at the best level not to adopt the kicked thing back on their iOS devices. We have already heard in several discussions that Apple is looking forward to kick Google out of its iPhone and Mac OS X as a default search provider, and now it is reported that Apple is finally in power to kick out the Google from its iPhone and Mac OS X.

Earlier this year, on the launch of Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, Apple had introduced some local services for the Chinese users with the new-generation Mac operating system, and apparently Apple also kicked the Google from its Mac OS and powers the Chinese Mountain Lion 10.8 with their local search engine Baidu. Now after the quick response from the Chinese folks, it appears that Apple is now working to pull the Google Search from its iPhone and iPad devices. It is reported by the Chinese local blog, Sina Tech that Apple is working to embed Baidu as a default search provider for the Chinese iOS device users, and the update will be soon rolled out to the Chinese users silently.

However, the Baidu integration in iOS makes sense, as Baidu has lot more search queries than Google in China, and Google already facing couple of problems with the Chinese government over the uncensored search results, so it’s definitely a good step from Apple to bring the Baidu local search-engine for the specific region of people.  On the other hand, also keep in mind that Apple is not only providing the Google search inside the mobile Safari on an iPhone / iPad, but as well as Bing and Yahoo, as the official alternatives to the Google Search engine.