Sat. May 28th, 2022

AT&T To Demo 4G LTE Network On iPhone 5 On Launch Event

Once again we have been hinted by the moves of AT&T and Apple that next generation iPhone 5 will support the 4G LTE network, we have not sure for the long time whether the new iPhone will carry the technique or not. Apple is reportedly working on its Retail Store ahead the launch of iPhone 5, and the guy has reported that the AT&T van was parked outside the close Apple Retail Store with the title “To Come Back On October 5th

As the image originally sent to SlashGear, the blog reported that they hears from their source that AT&T might be live demonstrate their 4G LTE network on the iPhone 5 announcement in the Apple’s campus, and therefore to give update to folks and to coach them on retail stores they are installing equipments to boost the signals of 4G LTE network.

 Since AT&T’s 4G LTE network has just launched and is in fairly limited markets, it’s possible that Apple would need to install suitable base stations in certain venues where it expects to demonstrate it’s next-gen iPhone running on LTE.

Apple has previously expressed concerns over the still early technology, and we’re yet to see any compelling evidence that points towards an LTE iPhone. The idea that Apple would go to great lengths to set up AT&T LTE base stations, simply to show off an LTE iPhone, is proof that 4G isn’t yet widespread enough for the iPhone.