Fri. May 27th, 2022

AT&T Secretly Installing 4G LTE Equipment In Apple Retail Store, For iPhone 5

It seems that this year Apple will release its next generation iPhone 5 with 4G LTE capabilities, while following the yesterdays exclusive report that Apple is testing its 4G LTE iPhone with many major carriers, also they got access on the property list file of the iOS which shows the compatibility of the next generation iPhone with 4G LTE network. In addition to the recent post, Engadget reports that they exclusively got some pictures from their reliable sources that AT&T has start secretly installing 4G LTE equipment in at least one of the Apple retail store.

Rumor mills also suggests that there will be an iPhone 5 with support of HSPA +4G standard, while Apple is working on the more advanced technique standards of HSPA+ 4G, and to embed those chips in the current upcoming iPhone is still not possible, but still there are chances that Apple to kick out the technology in iPhone 5 as a beta startup and than in future they will update it with more features, and performance.


We also can’t ignore the report of the BGR which reports that Apple has sent their upcoming iPhone device with special iOS builds with support of LTE support, and now today’s report of AT&T installation of LTE equipment in retail store of Apple makes a lot of sense that Apple has also testing the LTE enabled iPhone secretly.