Sat. May 21st, 2022

AT&T Pushes New LTE SIM Cards, Are They For iPad 3?

It is reported that the biggest carrier of the U.S has just started moving itself towards the proper launch of the 4G LTE around the country with new devices is scheduled to launch soon on the network. AT&T is reportedly has started pushing the new 4G LTE-compatible micro-SIM cards, and requesting to scrap all the oldest micro-SIM cards that are already available in market and being used for Apple’s iPhone. The new 4G LTE micro-SIM is obviously started making rounds around the AT&T retailers, as the Microsoft’s and Nokia upcoming phone Lumia 900 is scheduled to launch on the network by next month.

However, these new 4G LTE micro-SIMs are getting ready for the Nokia Lumia 900, but the experts in the markets now doubt that these SIM cards could also be used for newer device coming from Apple. We all know that Apple is highly rumored to cover the iPhone 5 with new 4G LTE technology, and recently is rumored to also gear the next generation iPad 3 with LTE technology.  The report of new micro-SIM cards come from the Phone Arena sources. Apple is one of the biggest suppliers that flipped its complete mobile range to the new micro-SIM cards with the launch of iPhone 4 three years back.

Including Phone Arena sources, many experts around the globe believe that these LTE-enabled micro-SIM cards could be able to use in the next-generation iPhone 5, and maybe also in the iPad 3. The few recent rumors regarding iPad 3 hints that the device is going to carry the 4G LTE technology, and the device is already in the prime time, may soon we will see its launch event in the next few weeks. The sources hinted that these new SIM cards could also be started appearing in the market to power the Apple’s iPad 3 later next month.