Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

AT&T Leaked Documents Suggests 4G LTE Based iPad

Last night the famous hacking group “LulzSec” has finished its goal of 50 day of hacking the high profile companies, while releasing other’s official and private data, they kicked out the some internal documents of AT&T. Folks over iFans has discovered a section under the leak document, which carries the information about the AT&T 4G LTE rollout, the information suggests that carrier on the way to kick out the new LTE network in the early week of July, but the game not ends here, the document also carries the spicy news which hints the LTE based iPad.

The document is in the format of PowerPoint slides, in the one slide they got a slide with name of “LTE Status”, a slide which hints about the LTE Based iPad. Why in the world would the iPad be mentioned in an LTE presentation? Take a look:

Pre-LTE scenarios. Testing will include iPad new activations HLS using the new rate plan, as well as a regression on netbooks and dongles. During validation E2E execution should ensure all functionality new and current is still functioning properly by validating account set up, provision, usage and notifications.

Folks over 9to5mac says these documents can be define in 1 of 2 ways, because the document suggesting that they will begin the testing of the new iPad in November of 2011 or these documents could be from last year, but here is the point why the make the mention of 3G iPad in the LTE Presentation document?


This news also matches with those rumors which suggest that Apple to kick out the third generation iPad with Retina Display and now with LTE network support. Several rumors also suggests that Apple may be launch the iPad 3 in the fall of this year, but according to us it not going to happen because Apple clearly said this is the year of iPad 2, but there is a possibility of this thing if the testing of iPad 3 begins this fall than its mean we will see the launch of iPad 3 in March of 2012.