Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

AT&T Says Apple’s iPhone 4S Is A 4G LTE Device (Proof)

It appears that AT&T has indexed the Apple’s next generation iPhone 4S in 4G network supported devices, it might be a shocking for you because Apple had not announced that their iPhone 4S is capable of 4G network, rather then they said it supports the HSPA+ the early stage of 4G but in standards we can’t call it as 4G network supported device. But what’s going here on AT&T website?

Well if you do remember we have reported you on the announcement of iPhone 4S that the AT&T and Apple are working on some hack to replace the “3G” network indicator with “4G” on iPhone 4S, as AT&T mentioned in the internal memo to the employees. We found out that the current faking technology is only supported by AT&T. And to get in work, Apple have to launch a software update for iOS 5 to display the “4G” indicator in status bar of iPhone 4S.

The folks over of iDownloadBlog takes the issue seriously and reached out the AT&T for comment on this and found out that AT&T knows what they are doing, according to the AT&T rep the Apple’s next generation of iPhone 4S is supports the HSPA+ but not the 4G network completely and the iPhone 4S is an actually 3.5G devices means less than a 4G network.