Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

AT&T introduces “NoDo” updates for Windows Phone 7

After a lot of work by AT&T and Microsoft for the NoDo updates, the people holding Samsung Focus and LG Quantum which are coded to AT&T started to get the update notification for NoDo on Tuesday (19 April 2011). The final test was placed on Friday (15 April 2011) by AT&T, while now the NoDo updates for HTC Surround are being tested by both AT&T and Microsoft because of a third part package “Earmarked” which needs to be tested again.

The main fun is for the people who have not hacked there Windows Phone 7, the AT&T coded users…. They are gonna have 2 main feature from NoDo

1- “WISPr” Protocol: It’s a feature for the AT&T owners by which you can switch to AT&T WiFi Hotspot location automatically. It means when your WiFi is turned on your device will automatically connect to AT&T Hotspot Locations.

2- AT&T Address Book( By this feature you can upload your contacts on AT&T server.. and it will have an automatic link with your device’s contact list.

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