Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

AT&T Forcing Users For Tethering Plan, Here Is How To Save Your Self

Many iOS users are familiar with internet tethering from their iOS devices to other devices such as MacBook Air’s or Pro Books, and most of them were those users who jailbreaked their devices and tethering their internet without paying any extra charges to the network, AT&T is also known among users for providing unlimited internet packages on iOS devices, but in some last few months we have seen that AT&T is now tightening up their policies to stop users from doing illegal tethering through their network, while AT&T has also extra tariff plans for their customers, which allow them to do tethering but all served to users with in bandwidth limit cap. Many users reported that they got messages from AT&T that they will update their package plan to their 2GB tethering plan, if they didn’t stop from doing illegal tethering.


Currently they warned users and give them some time to stop tethering, if the user still doing tethering they will surely signed up you for 2GB plan, these all things happen when they caught you doing tethering, mostly every third user uses jailbreak app “MyWi” for tethering, but the folks found out a down point in the app, the app will show you in the systems of AT&T that you are doing tethering, and they will easily caught you and update your plan. But we have a cool trick still here, which allows you to do internet tethering, without any chance of AT&T detection, (not 100% sure), there is another jailbreak tweak is available in Cydia, which allows you to do tethering of internet to other devices, and also hides the usage of tethering from the systems of AT&T. The tweak called “PDaNet”, from the stats of this tweak. We learn that the tweak is available in cydia for few of cost, while MyWi cost you $4 to $6 after trial period.