Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

AT&T Denying Vacation Requests For iPhone 5 Launch On October 14

While Apple is sending out the media invitations to the developers and press for the announcement of iPhone 5 in the start of the next month. It is reported that several carriers along with Apple has been blacking out the vacations of the employees for the specific time period due to the launch of iPhone 5 in the mid-October.

BGR reports that their trusted source has reached them and confirms them that Apple will finally launch its iPhone 5 in the mid-October, by confirming the all recent rumors their source also comments that AT&T has also joins the party of the Sprint and Apple, and now started to block all employees vacation requests, especially for the first two weeks of October.


Sources has also speaks out the details about the vacation blackout of all employees at AT&T, source said the blackout will be started from the October 3rd to the next weeks ending Friday, along with it source also said AT&T will also extend the period of vacation blackout, but at the time of reporting there are no chances of any extend plan. In complete another report same source said that AT&T’s internal inventory system just got six new produces SKU placeholders this morning. Source suggests the new products come from the Apple’s might be the different models of iPhone /or some unreleased iPhone related accessories.