Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

AT&T and Apple Working To Bring “4G” Indicator On iPhone 4S

Apple has released next generation iPhone earlier this week and announces the most unexpected thing that their next generation device does not supports the complete 4G LTE technology, while they have done something different to bring a part of the next generation network technology to their device.

iPhone 4G

Apple announces that the iPhone 4S does not support the HSPA+ but actually the device has ability to provide such data bandwidth to the user of the device, for a long period of months we have seen AT&T and T-Mobile is getting full advantage of their network support to the next generation HSPA+ technology, and dubbing it as “4G” a successor to the currently available “3G”, but now according to the report Apple is also on the way to dubbed the non valid network standard as “4G” on their devices.

As reported by the Verge that they have heard from their sources that AT&T and Apple is working on the project to brand their new iPhone 4S network capability as the “4G” in the status bar of the device, instead of 3G, of course this move will help them in marketing of the device. According to the leak document of AT&T suggests that they have such network capabilities to do so, and everything is upto the Apple, they have to make changes on their iOS  5 software for the iPhone 4S. According to the At&t, Apple will release a software update anytime soon to market the 3G as 4G in the iPhone 4S.