Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

AT&T Activation Servers Screwed Up By iPhone 4S Launch

As the iPhone 4S launched today and already users start activating it through their service provides, we have just received couple of reports from the users that they are facing issues while activating their iPhone 4S with AT&T, so according to our research it seems that AT&T servers are going through the heavy load from all over the US customers.

iPhone 4S Activation
Its not happen for the first time, in the past we have already seen this type of outages from different service provides, the most latest outage happens on the iOS 5 launch day when all the systems got hammered by the large number of requests all over the world to Apple’s servers. You can also check out by running a quick search on Twitter regarding the AT&T activation servers outage.

It seems that they are going through the big load because all of the iOS device are now updating to Apple’s iOS 5 and needs activation from the official carrier and therefore all the things happen all around the country, Apple has already sold more than 1 million iPhone 4S with in first 24 hours so obviously now there will be a huge load on the servers of carrier providers.