Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

AssistantExtensions: Let’s You Tweet, Facebook Status Update,YouTube Search

Since the launch of iPhone 4S, there is the only one thing of the next-generation iPhone that is making rounds of the internet and gaining lot of users interest with its work, one & only the intelligent virtual assistant – Siri. The virtual assistant totally changes the way users interact with their devices to look up for the things on the internet. However, the developers around the world, also done up lot of work to make it more revolutionary with their big achievements in cracking the communication code of the assistant with servers, and to route them through the proxy one’s to get it working more powerful.

As we know, the A5 untethered jailbreak is launched in the market, and all the developers around the globe are now openly working and accessing the roots of the newer device to launch tweaks and applications for the iPhone 4S. From last few days, we have been hearing a little buzz in the jailbreaking community suggesting the arrival of another superb Cydia tweak aiming on the Siri, and allow Siri to work more powerfully and to enjoy the user. The new Cydia tweak finally lands in the store with no price, called “AssistantExtensions”. The AssistantExtensions aim to add few more verbal commands into Siri dictionary to make it work for several processes.

The new Siri targeting tweak comes up with these built-in commands, including with the ability to allow users to generate their own custom extensions:

  • System commands: tweet, launch applications, set brightness, etc…
  • Toggle commands: taking full advantage of SBSettings, those will allow you to list and turn on/off any SBSettings toggle installed on your iPhone
  • Chat box: have a deep conversation with Siri, beyond the scope of what Siri currently does

AssistantExtensions not only offers few built-in command powers to your phone Siri, as well as allow you to create your own extensions while using the framework of AssistantExtensions on your machine. We have already a tool available on the internet which is hard to set up called “SiriProxy,” but once installed it works like a charm on your local internet and allows you to play with every command on your phone’s Siri.