Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Aptdate Brings Push Notifications To Cydia Store

We have already discussed this brilliant idea for the Cydia and jailbreak lovers, since the Ryan Petrich the famous developer of iOS Jailbreaking community teased his new upcoming tweak called CydiaBulletin for the iOS devices, which aims to bring the latest Cydia updates into the shape of notifications on the latest iOS 5. Allow users to be update with their new installed and favorite Cydia tweaks on their devices. However, the Ryan Petrich has yet to announce its new tweak, as he is working on the depth of the tweak with more power and stability over the iOS devices, including the support for the iPad.

It is now reported that someone carrying the same idea is appeared to be entering in the jailbreaking community with same ability and thoughts for the iOS jailbreaking community. Aptdate is a new jailbreak tweak said to be landing soon in the public jailbreak repository for the public launch. The tweak aims to bring you all the latest Cydia Repository updates direct to your iOS notification center, and quickly gives you a preview to the new update of your tweak and theme on the Cydia. Well, it is not coming from the Ryan Petrich, but for surely going to pinch the Petrich’s work to release his tweak quickly in the market.

Aptdate is yet to land in the Cydia Store, but according to the developer, the tweak is ready and soon will be submitted to the general public repository for the users. The developer, Adam D (aka thekirbylover) is advertised his tweak, as the new tool will be also able to update you on the third party repository, means the repos you add manually on your Cydia. However, we are totally unaware at the moment about this tweak deepness in the iOS. On the other hand, Ryan Petrich is also quiet about its upcoming tweak, and allowing the alternative tweak to land in the market.

Aptdate is a free Cydia tweak, and soon will be available in the Cydia’s ModMyi Repository.


via iDB