Sat. May 28th, 2022

AppSync Is Now Available For iOS 5 Allows To Sync Cracked Apps

A very large number of users had already updated their device to iOS 5 and already enjoys the tethered jailbreak boot on their devices, as we have noticed most of the user’s jailbreak their devices to run free crack apps on their iOS devices, but not for all the time. Many of them installed the applications on their devices before making the actual purchase of the application in the app store, but there was also a group of users who always wanted to run crack apps on their iOS devices and saves their many bucks.

AppSync For iOS 5

AppSync For iOS 5Here’s How To Get Installous On iOS 5

However, the process of running cracked app does not end on the jailbreak, the user needs the couple of different tweaks, which allow them to sync and resigned the apps with different codes, which makes the app to run on any iOS device without looking for a certificate. App Sync is one of the most important tweaks available there in Cydia, which allows users to sync the cracked applications back with the iTunes and save their data from being lost on the crack applications.

As the Apple has launched the new version of iOS, so almost the entire jailbreak tweaks need little updates from their developer to work properly on the new iOS 5 and with iTunes 10.5.x. Today we have reported by the users that AppSync is updated with the iOS 5 compatibility and enable users to sync their cracked apps with iTunes. Cracked apps were mostly the paid apps, which users have downloaded for free of cost from different servers.
As we said earlier we don’t recommend pirated or cracked apps, but if you want to install AppSync for test purpose, here are the steps.

Step 1: Update your device to iOS 5 and jailbreak it with Redsnow.
Step 2: Launch Cydia, tap on “Manage” and then on “Sources.”
Step 3: At the top-right corner, tap on “Edit” and then on “Add” button at the top left corner.
Step 4: Now write this address in the given field and hit “Add Source.”
Step 5: After the source, files are installed, search for “AppSync for iOS 5+” using the search option available in Cydia app.
Step 6: Install it.
Step 7: Reboot your device again using Redsnow and synchronize your apps with iTunes.