Wed. May 25th, 2022

AppStore Daily Episode 4: Password Saver, iTranslator, Lunar Racing, Much More!

Just like every day’s AppStore Daily Issue, we are once again with some of the crack minded application and games to fill up your devices with our today’s discovered free apps for your iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch. There is a long list of applications and games targeting the most latest update in the App Store, and providing all the quick update to you.

 AppStore Daily

Mind checking our complete sections featuring the Apps That Gone Free, and the Apps That Drops Their Prices for their loyal users.



Apps Gone free:


  • Calendar Cat ($1.99->Free) 

    The Calendar Cat for iPhone is a full-features tool to help you plan the schedule, write down the Journal,and make image of milestones etc.
    1.Plan/Change the Schedule Easily.
    2.Pre-Set Notification to Activities.
    3.Copy Repeated Stickers Automatically.
    4.Write the Notes, Journals and Feelings.
    5.Auto-generate the images of Schedule List.

  • Task List+ ($0.99->Free) 

    If you often forget to do certain things, and then cause some errors or arrange your time very often full, there is no time to spend with your family, then Task List+ can help you arrange a good time, and remind you what will be going to complete field , so that you find in the busy idle 

  • Color Flows ($3.99->Free) 


    ?Full Screen of FUN with NO ADS 

    ?Splash colors on the screen with your fingers. The colors moves and flows like real fluid which you can interact with. 


  • iTranslator – Speak it, 35 Languages ($2.99->Free) 

    iPhone can not speak, but the software is installed, he will speak. The software supports 35 languages??.This APP can be used to perform language translation operations. The services support users who are not familiar with the default language of a page or application, or those desiring to communicate with people of a different language group.


  • Password Saver ($0.99->Free) 

    This is a password save tools.
    But nobody knows this is a password save tools from the icon and title. After you install, the software’s name is “Wall Paper”.



TTPlayerHD has different level of performances and functions than any other players that are currently available!!! Starting with stopless playback. It is like having your own cinema in your pocket. It directly plays video files through iPad without any complicated process. It provides “Cinema ,Voice Boost ,Bass Boost” and many other audio effects. It makes watching videos more enjoyable. Simply and easily, files can be transfered. Using the finger gesture, you can skip or play faster.


  • Stick Runner ($0.99->Free) 

    Stick Runner has 10+ exciting levels…you have to jump and save Stick Runner.While running many obstacles like fighters,devils,bees,tanks,bullet are coming in Stick Runner’s way to stop, but you have to save Stick Runner and help Stick Runner to reach home safely.

  • Out Zone Reloaded ($0.99->Free) 

    Out Zone Reloaded is a classic run and gun arcade shooter game that takes place in the year 2097 whereby mankind is invaded by an alien race and it is up to cyborg soldiers controlled by the player to destroy the invasion force. Your task is to take command of the cyborg marine sent in to eradicate all alien scum in a region called the “Out Zone” through 7 long and extremely challenging levels, complete with a full compliment of very tricky to defeat end-of-stage guardians. 

  • Power Timer ($0.99->Free) 

    Now you can use one app to time your running intervals, teeth brushing and help you make the most of your work day. PowerTimer does all this and more. Use it for all your timer needs! 

  • Count-A-Licious ($0.99->Free) 

    Count-A-Licious introduces the concept of counting and number recognition to children in an entertaining way. There are four games to play – Number Show, Counting Game, Tracing Game, and Treasure Crits. In Number Show, dancing graphics and music introduce numbers 1 though 20 and encourages toddlers to count aloud, while Counting Game features delightful pictures and encourages toddlers to physically tap and count objects. Tracing Game gives toddlers their first exposure to number writing by guided tracing with their fingers.




  • Silver Sword ($4.99->Free) 

    Silversword is a mobile fantasy role-playing game which will take you to the mysterious lands of Tarnak, a world far beyond reality. Gather a band of brave heroes and face the evil that is about to destroy mankind.
    Silversword is a game in the style of The Bards Tale, Wizardry and Might & Magic – enjoy memories of old with new devices.

  • Styler Checker ($3.99->Free)

    The app knows over 100 styles. Play around with different combinations and find out what people associate with it. 
  • Lunar Racer ($2.99->Free) 

    Lunar Racer is the next casual racing sensation! Don’t miss out on the special introductory sale, it won’t last long! 

    ????? FEATURES ?????
    ? 12 unique tracks, with beautifully designed extraterrestrial terrain.
    ? Competitive multiplayer mode with up to 4 of your friends!
    ?Simple pick-up-and-play action. 

  • Liquid Lens ($0.99->Free)

    Liquid Lens opens a a window into a mesmerizing world of elastic color and shape. Liquid Lens uses real-time video effects to transform the everyday scenes around you into your own private light show. Switch to the back camera to use Liquid Lens as a psychedelic mirror.
  • Jet Heroes XD ($3.99->Free) 

    Then this is a must have! See if you got what it takes to become the Ace in the skies! Take on flying missions and gain experience. More missions won, more fighters to choose from! You will need to muster all your dog fighting experiences to beat the Big Boss in the sky!— Features —
    • Easily control your fighters via simple touch commands
    • Staggering number of fighters to choose from
    • Numerous weapons with special powers and effects
    • Dynamically generated battle stages, endless Big Boss showdowns!
    • Online ladder to challenge other flying Aces from around the world!
    • Incredibly detailed animation and art designed specifically for iPhone and iPad!



Price Drops:




  • Rocket Sheep Rampage ($1.99->$0.99) 

    Get ready for Rocket Sheep Rampage: extra-fluffy high-speed action as you dodge traffic and arbitrary munitions while racing down a busy highway. Sick of dodging? Harness your road rage to enter rampage mode, and do your part to reduce emissions by smacking cars around with your rocket-propelled ram.

  • UCP – Cloud Music Player ($3.99->1.99) 

    ucloud player(UCP) is an unique music player for multi cloud services.Let’s listen to all the music in your Dropbox,, Skydrive, Sugarsync account,anywhere via any device.

  • The King Of Fighters ($6.99->$2.99) 

    The popular 2D Fighting Game Series “KOF” appears on the iPhone/iPod touch!
    With beautiful visuals and high-resolution graphics, this game uses the Virtual Pad to bring you a seamless and intuitive “KOF” experience. Furthermore, moves that require complex commands can be easily pulled off with the Simple Specials Button or the various touch controls.

  • Locationizer – Location Based GPS ToDo List ($1.99->$0.99) 

    Locationizer for iPhone reminds you of things you need to do based on your current location. Did you forget to pick something up on your last trip to the market? Just set a reminder, and the next time you’re near the market, Locationizer will remind you that you need to stop there, and why! 

  • QuickCalcs ($3.99->$0.99) 

    QuickCalcs is a construction calculator designed to speed up routine calculations.It is most effective and designed to be used in the field. Often specific design decisions have to be made during installation. QuickCalcs makes calculating different scenarios fast – roll the wheels, see the answer.





  • PixART Studio ($9.99->$8.99) 

    Pixart Studio is a tool for a pixelart artist.With this app you can create pixelart graphics for your projects.

    You can:
    -create pixel animation,
    -modify your palette,
    -combine and mix colors.

  • Unit Converter HD ($1.99->$0.99) 

    Unit Converter HD is now available for iPad!
    ? 7128 Ways of conversion possible!
    ?Converts: bytes, electric current, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume and moreThe perfect tool for converting different types of units of measurement.

  • Hockey Academy HD – The Cool Free Flick Sports Game ($4.99->$0.99) 

    HOCKEY ACADEMY – The cool free flick sports gameHockey Academy is a highly polished hockey game for the iPhone and iPad. It delivers a new style of hockey game which can run in multiplayer’s. It’s the Best Ever Hockey Game!

  • You Can Learn Basic Grammar For Everyday Life ($3.99->$0.99) 

    In a world where spell and grammar check are built into nearly all programs, and “textese” dominates most textual interactions, it can be difficult to keep even the most basic laws of the English language in mind. Formal missives, important emails, school papers, and heartfelt letters must be written with proper grammar and punctuation to maintain eloquence and etiquette. 

  • iPassword ($4.99->$2.99) 

    iPassword – easy to use application to generate and restore generated passwords. iPassword use strong SHA-256 encryption algorithm designed by National Security Agency, USA. You have to remember only one master password. Enter site name or resource name, login or user name for this resource and enter your master password, then choose password length from 8 to 15 symbols and click Generate. You could restore your password anytime in the same way. App don’t store your generated passwords even on Flash memory, all operations in RAM only, 100% secure.





  • iFtp – The File Transfer, Manager and Editor ($1.99->$0.99) 

    An iFTP is Universal application for all iOS Devices 

    ? Main Features ?
    ? Directory & Files Upload, Download, Rename, Delete, Move and Set permission (CHMOD)
    ? Support Active & Passive Mode
    ? Allow to open all kind of documents or files support by iOS SDK
    ? Inbuilt Text Editor with all basic features like Find, Replace, GoTo Line, Change Encoding
    ?Share files via WIFI, iTunes Sharing, Email or upload on FTP server or Open In with other installed supported apps 

  • Little Sailor ($4.99->$0.99) 

    Little Sailor is a highly realistic sailing and motorboat simulator. Take Little Sailor with you and learn basics of sailing! See how wind force affects the sail and test your skills against AI opponents in a yacht race. Learn how to trim the sails to make the most use of wind energy. Discover when there is a risk of capsizing. Practice sailing downwind and upwind, tacking and gibing. Improve navigation skills, sail race strategy and tactics. 

  • Studio  ($2.99->$0.99) 

    ??All XME Apps On Sale!!!
    & BeatPad is On Sale TODAY!!!.
    Load, then Tap+Hold an MP3 to import it from email. Then Record & Upload your mixed vocal productions directly to YouTube, FaceBook and Email. Import music mp3s from email and Rap, Sing or recite Poetry over any mp3 you import then mix it and share it with Studio from XME Inc. There is no other app that allows you to do this.
    – BeatPad by XME Inc. can be used to produce music. Email your beats as an mp3 then import the mp3 from emails into Studio. Sing or rap over your music then share it with the world using our built in YouTube uploader and FaceBook Connect!

    – XME has created music software for apple products since the year the AppStore arrived. Enjoy our latest creation today! Buy now and enjoy!

  • Advance – Horscope  ($9.99->$4.99) 

    Advance Horoscope Application for languages English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian”Features:
    Select your birthday and see into the future of your love, mode ,lucky number ,lucky stone and more information about your future.

    – Horoscope for your near future
    – By Selecting your horoscope get a full week of predictions.
    – Available in 7 languages!

  • Spectralyzer ($2.99->$0.99) 

    The Spectralyzer, created by Musician/Producer/Audio/Software/Systems Engineer Martin P Simpson, was born whilst listening to Music, dancing and thinking about Life, the Universe, Fourier Analysis and Sinusoidal Additive Synthesis.He imagined the music he was listening to as a surface of sine waves of different wavelength travelling towards him, the different frequencies spread out like the keys on a piano.

    He soon realized that viewing sounds in this way would have made a powerful tool during his career as an Audio Engineer.