Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

AppSlider Allows You Place Two Shortcut Apps Icon On LockScreen

Are you a diehard fan of some applications on your device like the magazine styled readers, or other some social attracting applications on your iOS devices and want to access the application without even wasting a single second in unlocking and swapping the folders from right to left in order to access the application? If yes, then we have a little upcoming tweak for you that can easily eliminate of your need to swap and unlocking your device to get access on the application.


A new tweak named “AppSlider” is coming soon in the Cydia with aim to provide you two instant shortcuts of your favorite applications icon your iPhone / iPod Touch lockscreen, and can easily provide you the thing which you want from your device instantly. AppSlider is an upcoming tweak, and soon will be launched in the Cydia’s any big repository. AppSlider is a self-called tweak, and doesn’t come with any complex options for you on your device, it only adds a single tab in the with its title, and provide you couple of options there to configure your two favorite and most used applications to be appeared on the lock-screen of your iPhone.

For those of you, who are currently wondering about the security of the iOS lock-screen, and what about the pass-code enabled lock screen? The AppSlider respects the Apple’s assigned pass-code security on iOS and doesn’t launch any application until the pass-code is not entered correctly. AppSlider is meanwhile under the development by Ron Melkhior, and will soon hit the Cydia Market for free of cost.