Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Mac AppStore Has Now Final Cut Pro 7 and “Apps Enhanced For Lion” New Section

After a month release of Apple’s next generation Mac OS X Lion, now Apple thinks to make a section for the OS X Lion users which only shows the compatible apps for OS X Lion in App Store, well this is the really good section for those type of users who not know about the OS X Lion features and apps which to work or not. Apple was pretty good this time in Mac App Store and allows third party app to popup in the top two rows of apps. Along with a new section in Mac App Store, Apple has also begun selling of Final Cut Pro 7 again in the Mac App Store, but the noticing point is its not compatible with OS X Lion, and Apple has also announced back to shut it down after the launch of Final Cut Pro X, but they again start selling it.

apps Enhanced for Mac OS X lion

If you do remember, Apple pulled down the Final Cut Pro 7 from Mac App Store ahead launch of Final Cut Pro X in June, but after release of new version of Final Cut Pro X, we have noticed that high profile users of Final Cut Pro was not happy with new updated version because of missing features and completely new layout. So maybe that’s why Apple pit it again in the Mac App Store for the high profile users.