Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Nanjing Road Is About To Be Lightened Up With Next Apple’s Biggest Retail Store In China (Photos)

Finally China is getting their official Apple Store after so many fake stores and fake Apple Products spotted in China. It is said to be the next biggest Apple Store opening in Shanghai,China. The store is located at Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and it seems to be five story long building.

The folks over micgadget have done some great work by sharing the pictures of the Apple Retail Store. You can see the pictures below.


People are really surprised to see whats going on. Some of them might be happy that they are getting official Apple Retail Store.

The security personal are guarding the store while the workers load in the stuff from crates. The new Apple Retails Store is located in Henderson building on East Nanjing road (Shanghai’s most popular shopping district).

Today Apple really solved the problem of people after opening their next big Store in China, where many fake Apple Stores were spotted before.

The opening date is not yet announced but it seems that it will be opened in few weeks. The store was expected to open in early August, but due to some technical difficulties it tool long.

In Henderson building, people are not allowed to go onto second floor.